Ok let’s talk mullah, BABY!

Listen, talking about money can make most people feel uncomfortable. I'm here to tell you that IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! I respect the fact that everyone has a budget when planning their wedding. SO Listen, I get it. You feel like you’re spending money left and right. Been there, done that, and it can be the worst feeling EVER. Just consider that your photos will be the only thing that will INCREASE in value over time. Weddings are an investment, your photographer is an investment +


I want to serve you with so much more than just pretty photos - but an EXPERIENCE! I'm here to give you ART, I'm here to give you high end moments on one of the best days of your life!! Photography is artful storytelling. so, If you’re looking for any girl with a basic camera just doing a okay job, then moving on to her next hobby...

Then I’m not your girl +THAT’S OKAY!

I ADORE my couples + I am going to be your #1 hype woman!! When you invest in me, you’re investing in the moments that matter most to you! YOU'RE INVESTING INTO SOMEONE YOU TRUST, BECAUSE YOU KNOW I'VE GOT YOU! To keep it simple, I’m the girl you can text photos of your dress to so I can respond with a million gifs completely freaking out, cause you’re gonna look HELLA fine! I will be obsessing over your décor & crying during your vows. Seriously, I cried at ever single wedding I have shoot. I'm the one that will show up to your wedding stoked out of my mind! I'm even the girl that will put someone and check if they need to remember their place, because it's your day not theirs. Respectfully of course. It isn’t just “another day at work” for me. I’m busting ass to make sure I’m capturing the love that exist between you + yours! With me you’re hiring someone who isn’t scared to tell you if something needs a change to keep things rolling. You're hiring someone that has no problem telling you the truth! No matter how the day goes, what hick-ups we run into, because I promise we will have one or two,

I’m here for you!

I can tell you this, wedding blur is 1000% real and you want these moments to look at and feel all over again. If you hire me or not, make sure you hire somebody that can handle the pressure, that can capture the moments, and keep things rolling!

That's one thing I can promise you, that you get when you hire me!

Mwahh, Jess

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!


Every single couple, Love story + adventure is different! let’s Soak up the all laughter, embrace the tears, raise a toast + let's get this party started!

Investments Starting at $375


Just remember, the cake gets eaten, the flowers will wilt, your maiden name will be a thing of the past, but the story captured from your wedding day will last forever.

Investments Starting at $1400

If you're vibing with this hardcore...

ready to jump in with both dang feet...

stoked outta your damn mind...