I’m Jess. Wife, Mama, Mimi, BADASS photographer. + Artist.

Welcome to the place where I share both my work and my passion. Working with couples is what moves me + I'm a sucker for those tiny details and sunset portraits. I am 100% in my element when I'm behind my camera, capturing all that raw + real that makes you, YOU. I want you to be your true, unfiltered self. I want the awkward shit that makes you laugh, the Eww’s + Ahh's, even them tears as I’m Freezing the moments you never want to forget. I will be right beside you to celebrate your special day and capture everything. Getting ready, the first look, the party after, I'm here for it all. I promise I’ll work my ass off to make sure your day is everything you pictured, with so much more! I like to let my work speak for itself so check it out then get at your girl.

My Story.

A few things about me.

  • I'm married to the love of my life! My husband is my biggest cheerleader, but also the calm to my storm. I truly would still be a lost soul without him in my life. We are beyond a power couple.
  • I have 5 spoiled ass kids, two of whom have given me each a grandson at the age of 30. I know what you're thinking “ she’s to young to have not one, but two grandchildren?!" Yeah, your right, but here’s the part that I tell you my husband is significantly older than me! Like 18 years! (Awh + there’s the look)
  • I'm extremely blessed to have adopted my husband’s two girls + to be their forever mom! I get beyond annoyed when people tell me I'm too young to be their mom. Like, CLEARLY Karen, but age does not make a mother, the support, guidance, dedication, and unconditional love does. THAT has no age standards or limits.
  • I could live off Chinese food, seafood +I LOVE me some hot tea!
  • I got a full ride scholarship to the Chicago Art Institute. Although I didn’t take it ( YEP stupid me) Making art has always been a passion of mine. If I wasn't a full time wedding photographer I for sure would be doing something in the art field. Creating or being creative is just who I am!!
  • I have so many tattoos I can’t even count them anymore. Yes, I have plans to get more. LOT'S MORE.
  • I LOVE WEDDINGS! Besides me shooting them all the time planning my oldest daughter's is one of the best memories EVER!
  • I’m a hype girl. YOUR hype girl!! I'm the go getter. The get's shit done girl!
  • I'm a music lover, I mean I can get down to Hank the third, Ozzy, Tupac, Garth Brooks, Selena, + Cardi B all in one day and I wouldn't miss a note. 
  • Around 7pm you’ll find me in my room binge watching a documentary, a murder mystery or the next hot thing on Netflix. That's my all time FAVORITE time of the day.
  • +++ I LOVE THE SMELL OF SKUNK! super weird, but also SUPER TRUE.

Yeah, that's a little about me, but I really want to get to know you! I want to hear all about you + your love story. So, get PUMPED because we're about to have a kick ass time together!



“Jessica captured our wedding so well. It’s like she knew exactly what photos I wanted because there isn’t one picture that I don’t love. I am seriously obsessed with them. Jessica was also so helpful on my wedding day. Between snapping photos to helping with the arch and steaming my vail. If you are looking for a photographer for you wedding, Jessica is your girl. She will not disappoint you!!”