I’m Jess. Wife, Mama, Mimi, BADASS photographer. + Artist.

Welcome to the place where I share both my work and my passion. Working with couples is what moves me + I'm a sucker for those tiny details and sunset portraits. I am 100% in my element when I'm behind my camera, capturing all that raw + real that makes you, YOU. I want you to be your true, unfiltered self. I want the awkward shit that makes you laugh, the Eww’s + Ahh's, even them tears as I’m Freezing the moments you never want to forget. I will be right beside you to celebrate your special day and capture everything. Getting ready, the first look, the party after, I'm here for it all. I promise I’ll work my booty off to make sure your day is everything you pictured, with so much more! I like to let my work speak for itself so check it out then get at your girl!!

My Story.

A few things about me.

  • I'm married to the love of my life! My husband is my biggest supporter, but also the calm to my storm. I truly would still be a lost soul without him in my life. We are beyond a power couple.
  • The hubs and I hit our number one goal in 2021. We are having a house built and close on it in May 2022. Now we are onto the next goal to hit.
  • I am a mama that loves to spoil her kids. I wish I felt bad about that, but I absolutely do not and I never will! I had one of the absolute worst childhood imaginable and I strive every day to make sure my kids never experienced an ounce of that. I'm damn proud of how far I've come in life and the life that I provide all my children.
  • I could live off Chinese food, seafood +I LOVE me some hot tea!
  • Covid almost killed me in the spring of 2021, and it's congratulations to me for surviving was making me almost bald!! Did you know that covid makes your hair fall out? Either did I until I was loosing hand-fulls at a time.
  • I got a full ride scholarship to the Chicago Art Institute. Although I didn’t take it ( YEP stupid me) Making art has always been a passion of mine. If I wasn't a full time wedding photographer I for sure would be doing something in the art field. Creating or being creative is just who I am!!
  • I recently picked up bow making. Like the big bows little girls wear around their head.
  • I have SO many tattoos I can’t even count them anymore. Yes, I have plans to get more. LOT'S MORE.
  • I LOVE WEDDINGS! Besides me shooting them all the time planning my oldest daughter's is one of the best memories EVER!
  • I’m a hype girl. YOUR hype girl!! I'm the go getter. The get's shit done girl!
  • I'm a music lover, I mean I can get down to Hank the third, Ozzy, Tupac, Garth Brooks, Selena, + Cardi B all in one day and I wouldn't miss a note. 
  • Around 7pm you’ll find me in my room binge watching a documentary, a murder mystery or the next hot thing on Netflix. That's my all time FAVORITE time of the day.
  • +++ I LOVE THE SMELL OF SKUNK! super weird, but also SUPER TRUE.

Yeah, that's a little about me, but I really want to get to know you! I want to hear all about you + your love story. So, get PUMPED because we're about to have a kick ass time together!



“Jessica captured our wedding so well. It’s like she knew exactly what photos I wanted because there isn’t one picture that I don’t love. I am seriously obsessed with them. Jessica was also so helpful on my wedding day. Between snapping photos to helping with the arch and steaming my vail. If you are looking for a photographer for you wedding, Jessica is your girl. She will not disappoint you!!”