hey there.

This may seem a little awkward because I’m talking to you through this website thingy, but we’ll make do. I’ll start by saying hiya; I’m Jess. The person that takes all these pictures you see on this website here. I’ll keep it sweet & short because no one actually likes to read these, right? 
I love my job like a lot. Over the last 8 years, I’ve always leaned towards a blend of non-traditional photo style and traditional ( we have to keep grandma kinda happy, now, don’t we?). I like to capture real moments, not those super awkward prom poses. The little things you didn’t even realize happened. I want you to relive that exact moment when you look back at your photos. That is always the goal. Outside of Gentle Rayne, I'm a wife of 11 years, a mother of five... And you won't believe this, but a Mimi. Yes, I'm a grandma. Sounds like a lie, but it's very much the truth. I'm a pretty boring person in my spare time. Lol, spare time. Honestly, what is that? 

Anywho, that's me. Jess. Wife, Mama, Mimi, BADASS photographer. + Artist.