When is the best time to photograph newborns?

I always suggest getting your newborn in my studio within two weeks of being born. This ensures that the baby will still be in the sleepy, "squishy" stage making posing so much easier!

Do I need to bring my own props or outfits?

My studio is full of various wraps, furs, headbands, props, etc. Also, my style is very simple and minimalistic. I keep baby mainly wrapped the majority of the time and use just a few different props. However, if you have any family heirlooms or outfits that may be sentimental, you are welcome to bring it along!

When should I book my newborn session?

The earlier, the better! I only take a handful of newborns per month. Once you book with me, I will put you down for the month you are due. Once you give birth, let me know and we will set a date within the two-week mark!

What can I do to ensure my newborn sleeps?!

Our main goal is to make baby sleep! Posing and transitioning are so much easier when they are in a deep sleep. The day before your session, I will email you a Prep Guide that goes over some tips and tricks on making sure baby arrives ready for a long nap :)

What should I wear?

What should I wear?
I have several dresses available to borrow for your maternity session! If you don't see one you like, we can online shop together and swap ideas. I'm eager to spend the time to style your session perfectly! Once you find the perfect dress, you can coordinate your families outfits to go along with yours. Please avoid logos and graphics on shirts. I also have several outfits for your baby, ages 6 months-1yr.

When will we get our photos?

My goal is a 2.5 week turnaround. At that time, you will receive an online gallery collection of the edited images that you are able to download right from the site! I will also email you a print release, if needed.

I lost/erased/can’t find my digital copies from my session! Can I get them from you again?

I keep all final gallery images for one year. I understand life happens, and the first recovery is $100. Additional recoveries will incur a $150 recovery fee per occurrence to have full access to your gallery . Thank you for your understanding.


It is so important for me to get to know and understand your baby so I can read their cues and respond appropriately. I want your baby to look peaceful in the images so it is important they get used to me holding, soothing, changing and feeding them (if bottle fed of course)! I have five children and even grandchildren of my own so I am very comfortable tending to their needs.

What if baby makes a mess on your things?

If baby is happy to do so, I will be posing them naked so there is always a high chance of accidents and I'm more surprised if it doesn't happen! It has happened before and it will happen again many times so it really isn't a problem and you don't need to feel guilty!